Welcome to Rock Solid Outings

Looking for a new group outing in the Toronto area? Why not try curling - Canada's unofficial national sport!

You've seen it on TV - TSN might as well be called The Curling Network in winter - well now give it a try for yourself.

1,000,000 people in Canada can't be wrong!

Curling is an excellent way to develop team cohesion! For most, the curling ice is an unfamiliar setting, meaning they will need to rely on teamwork and strong communication skills in order to come up with a game plan to beat their opponents, or the task at hand.

Curling combines athleticism and strategy (it's not called chess on ice for nothing!) meaning there is something for everyone in your group.

Rock Solid Outings are perfect for just about any size group or reason:

  • Team building
  • Client Appreciation
  • Stakeholder Meetings
  • Selling to Prospective Buyers
  • Virtually any reason to get a group out for some fun!